Phones and Airtime Frequently Asked Questions

    Prepaid wireless solutions refer to wireless services that do not require an annual contract to receive telecom service.

    • No lengthy contracts
    • No excessive hidden fees
    • Flexible plan options – on the same reliable networks (Keep in mind, all the prepaid carriers use the same networks as the other carriers...Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.)
    • Up to 50% off traditional contract plans
    • Fuel reward points with every purchase

    You avoid the upfront cost of having to buy a new phone and begin saving immediately by activating your new prepaid plan. The sim kits can be purchased in most of our stores. They are also referred to as BYOD kits. Here is how it works:

    • Choose a SIM Kit from the carrier of choice.
    • Choose an airtime card from your new carrier.
    • Follow instructions inside the packaging to activate your old phone with your new plan. Get instantly connected.
    • Keep your phone and avoid the upfront costs of buying a new one.
    • Keep your same telephone number or get a new one.
    • Use the same networks as the monthly plan carriers.
    • Just swap your SIM (new compatible SIM card or activation code comes in the kit) and start saving money today with your new prepaid plan!

    At present, we do not offer phones for sale online. Check back with us, as we plan to offer them online in the near future. You can, however, buy airtime.

    Phones are available at nearly 2,000 locations.

    You can activate your phone online by going to the carrier website.

    You can activate your phone online at the carrier website or by calling your carrier.

    You can change your number or keep your number.

    You can keep your existing phone and just buy a sim kit to start new prepaid service.

    Airtime cards are available in nearly 2,200 Kroger (and banner locations).

    Activation just takes minutes.

    As long as you continue to purchase airtime on a monthly basis, your service will remain active.

    You can buy a phone, sim kit and airtime for another person.

    You can check your data or minute allotments by calling 611 from your phone or by calling the customer service number for your carrier.

    You can always switch phones and your benefits will transfer.

    You cannot share minutes or data unless you sign up for a family plan.

    To understand the specifications/benefits of a phone, just enter the phone model into a search bar.

    At present, we offer the following brands of phones: Tracfone, Simple Mobile, Total By Verizon, Kroger Wireless, Boost Mobile, AT&T and Cricket. Note: not all brands are available in all locations. In addition to the brands above, we offer airtime for the following: T-Mobile, Verizon, and Net10.

    We offer a wide variety of phone inclusive of smart phones and basic flip phones.