Real Michigan Milk

Michigan Milk: A Nutrient Powerhouse

Locally produced and filled with protein, B12 and 11 other essential nutrients.

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Good For All Ages

Whether you are four or one hundred and four, real Michigan milk is a nutrition powerhouse. The same benefits that made it good for you as a kid make it good for you as an adult. Protein, B12 and 11 other essential nutrients help fuel your body so you stay energized and power through your day. Filled with protein, milk also helps you stay satiated longer while building strong muscles. No matter your age, local Michigan milk is nature’s original nutrition beverage.

Good For Our Future

Michigan dairy farm families are your neighbors and, like you, they care about a sustainable future for generations to come. Today, producing a gallon of milk requires 65% less water, 90% less land and 76% less manure than in 1944. This means the carbon footprint of milk is 63% smaller. Our farmers are continuously seeking new ways to be responsible environmental stewards and are committed to ensuring the longevity of our land and the health of their herds.