6 Tips For Your Dog's Pawfect Summer

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Whether you’re at the beach, in the backyard or on the road; keeping your furry friend safe, comfortable and happy is essential during the dog days of summer. Here are 6 great ways to keep your pup’s tail wagging all summer long:

1. Lots & Lots of Water

When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing as refreshing as a cool drink! Make sure your dog has plenty of access to fresh water throughout the summer. Keep a large bowl of water in a shaded area outside (checking periodically to make sure it hasn’t gotten too warm) and pack a bowl and jug of water when you and your pooch hit the road.

2. Protect Your Dog with Sunscreen

Just like you, your dog needs protection from the sun. Make sure you apply sunscreen to any bare or near-bare spots on your dog that are exposed to the sun, like their nose or the edges of their ear. If they have a hard time sitting still while you apply the sunscreen, offer them an all-natural Nudges® Dog Treat

3. Check Their Paws After Playing on Pavement

Hot pavement can be hard on your pooch’s paws! Be careful to limit their time walking on paved surfaces and check their paws when they come inside. Once you’ve finished looking their paws over, give them an All Natural Nudges® Dog Treat to say “thanks for your patience, pal!” 

4. Keep Them Company in the Car

Alone time in the car is never a good time for your pet. Temperatures can soar past the hundreds and the surfaces in your car can quickly become dangerously hot for your pets, even with the window cracked. Plus, the commotion of the parking lot can cause your dog a lot of stress. If you have to leave your dog in the car, make sure you’ve got a co-pilot person in the car to keep them company and keep the air conditioning running.

5. Keep Your Dog Cool with a Pool

Summer is swim season for you and your pooch. If your dog is going to spend a lot of time in the backyard this summer, consider getting a durable plastic kiddie pool. It’s a great way to provide a little extra fun for your furry friend and can help them stay cool under the midday sun.

6. A High-Quality Diet

With the heat and extra fun in the sun associated with the season, your dog needs a high-quality diet to help him or her stay energized and nourished. Look for foods and treats, like Nudges® Dog Treats, that are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and provide protein from real chicken, beef and pork. 

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