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Zum Clean® Sink and Surface Scrub

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Hey, it''s time to pass on the double-tall glycol ethers and go with the virgin cleaning cocktail that is Zum Clean Sink & Surface Scrub. Scrub the surface of dirty sinks, showers and tubs without toxic cocktails of VOCs, ammonia, bleach or artificial nastiness. And don''t forget to toss those rubber gloves - you won''t be needing ''em.

Zum Clean 101

  • No VOCs, no ammonia, no chlorine bleach, no strong acids or chemical solvents
  • No fumes, so no need for a ventilation mask, nose plugs, etc.
  • Chemical-free, so no rubber gloves necessary (unless you''re making a fashion statement)
  • So natural you can actually make skin contact
  • Basically, it''s the scrub you can take home to Mother Nature