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Zum Clean Eucalyptus-Citrus Aromatherapy Laundry Soap

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Zum Clean is Not a Detergent

It is a deterrent - to pollutants, to over consumption, to byproducts, to irritants. After all, your clothes are your second skin. Would you rather wash your skin with detergent or soap? Good. Because this is not a detergent.

Zum Clean is a laundry soap - mixed, poured and bottled by happy human hands. Yep, no machines were harmed, nor sulfates and phosphates used, in the making of this product. And since our happy hands aren't as stingily efficient as machines, we pour liberal loads of essential oils for laundry loads that literally clear the air while they clean your clothes.

But, please, don't call this a detergent.

Pronounceable ingredients, pronounced effects.

• Essential oils naturally freshen clothes and "aromatherapize" your home while you wash

• Coconut oil soap treats your second skin gently and doesn't dry it out

• Baking soda removes dirt and odors

• Vegetable glycerin clings to dirt and stains

  • Cleans 64 Loads
  • Maid by Nature™
    • Handmade with Essential Oils
    • Great for High-Efficiency Machines
    • Highly Concentrated
    • Free Synthetic Chemicals

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