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Vitacost Pomegranate Grape Seed Extracts & Trans-Resveratrol Dietary Supplement

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What is Pomegranate, Grape Seed Extract& Trans-Resveratrol?

Pomegranate, Grape Seed Extract & Trans-Resveratrol is a combination formula featuring three high-quality, standardized fruit extracts. Included are:

Pomegranate extract: From the Latin pomum (“apple”) and granatus (“seeded”), pomegranate is a deep red fruit with fleshy pulp surrounding compartments of edible, tart-tasting seeds. Native to Asia and grown commercially worldwide today, pomegranate is well-known as one of nature’s most nutritious fruits.

Grape seed extract: Grapes, one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits, are small, vine-grown berries with smooth skin and juicy flesh. Enjoyed as fruit or juice, or fermented into wine, grapes offer a variety of tastes, textures and nutrients. Their seeds are known to contain active plant compounds.

Trans-Resveratrol: Resveratrol is a natural plant compound found most abundantly in the skin and seeds of grapes. While red grapes are high in resveratrol, it must be converted into trans-resveratrol in the body. Japanese knotweed contains mostly trans-resveratrolmaking itthe optimal source.

Vitacost ® Pomegranate, Grape Seed Extract& Trans-Resveratrol is a targeted wellness solution - just for you.

  • Triple-extract formula
  • Features VitaGranate® pomegranate extract, standardized to 40% punicalagins
  • Features high-quality grape seed extract, standardized to 95% total polyphenols
  • Features trans-resveratrol, standardized to 50% resveratrol
  • Contains 60 servings per bottle
  • Exceptional quality at an extraordinary value!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.