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The bioflavonoid chrysin has shown potential as a natural aromatase-inhibitor. Studies demonstrate that chrysin is an extremely potent inhibitor of aromatase ativity. Chrysin is also a potent antioxidant that possesses vitamin-like effects in the body. It has been shown to induce an anti-inflammatory effect, possibly through inhibition of the enzymes 5-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase inflammation pathways.

Tribulus terrestris is a plant that grows in many tropical and moderate areas of the world. It is the saponins, particularly the dominant saponin protodioscin, that are responsible for the pharmacological activities of tribulus. Tribulus terrestris boosts levels by stimulating the increase of luteinizing hormone (LH). When LH levels are increased, the natural production of testosterone also increases.

Cucurbita pepo and saw palmetto extract are two resources to prevent testosterone from becoming "deactivated." Saw palmetto berries consist of a volatile oil, which supplies phytosterols. Saw palmetto also has anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic effects.