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Trace Minerals Research Tangerine Flavored ActivJoint Supplement

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ActivJoint is a conveniently packaged powdered drink for individuals who need added support to bones, joints and ligaments before, during and after strenuous activity. Take ActivJoint in the morning for daily maintenance of joints and connective tissues to support joint mobility. ActivJoint should also be taken after participating in strenuous activities to help provide your body the proper building blocks it needs to keep your joints flexible and healthy.

1200 mg Glucosamine-Glucosamine is a compound found in human joint cartilage and research has shown that supplementation of this nutrient has helped strengthen normal joint structure. Studies have also shown it to be successful in helping promote joint comfort, therefore maintaining mobility.

500 mg Chondrointin-Chondtroitin works synergistically with Glucosamine to supply cartilage with the vital building blocks it needs to stay supple and healthy.

300 mg MSM-MSM is a natural sulfur compound the body critically needs to maintain healthy joint lubrication and flexibility for proper mobility.

ConcenTrace®-ConcenTrace is an active complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals found in seawater for improved absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

And finally, ActivJoint™ is backed by our "Feel the Difference or Your Money Back!" quality and satisfaction guarantee so there''s nothing to lose - except joint discomfort and mobility. So try it today and see how much more active you can be!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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