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Redmond Real Salt Kosher Salt

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Long before the earth new pollution, volcanic eruptions sealed an ancient, pristine ocean beneath a layer of protective ash in what is now North America. Real Salt® is the only brand of sea salt harvested from this ancient deposit near Redmond, Utah. We bring it to you exactly as nature created it - an unrefined, ancient sea salt with a subtle, sweet flavor unlike any other salt on earth.

Perfect for Everyday Use: Use Real Salt on your kitchen table and in all your recipes

From a Single Source: Real Salt is America's only pink salt, mined in Utah since 1958.

Preferred by Experts: Professionals and Chefs choose Real Salt for its minerals and flavor.

  • Is Your Salt Real?®
  • Same Amazing Salt - Same Amazing Taste - Since 1958
  • Ancient Kosher Sea Salt
  • For Cooking, Pickling and More
  • Unrefined Mineral Salt
  • Mined in America

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