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Private Selection Medium Hatch Chile Peppers

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What makes Hatch Chile so special?

Hatch chile is grown in the Hatch Valley of southwestern New Mexico where the Rio Grande runs through. The soil, weather and altitude of this region all contribute to produce acre upon acre of these specality peppers. They grow green and eventually turn red as they ripen on the vine

What Does Hatch Chile Taste Like?

Hatch chile is most often roasted before use, which gives them a smoky, rich, almost buttery flavor

How Hot is Hatch Chile?

Some like it blazing hot while others prefer just a slight hint of heat. Whatever your preference, there's a Hatch chile for you. Varieties range from mild to extra hot - while the most preferred is somewhere in between

How to Roast Hatch Chile

Hatch chile is typically roasted before eating or prior to freezing for later use. Roasting brings out the rich smoky flavor. During season, roasting chile fills the air with a captivating aroma which fills the Hatch Valley. You can buy our Hatch Chile roasted and diced, ready to eat, but it's also quite easy to roast them at home

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Place the chile directly onto a hot grill. When the bottoms start to turn black charred or blistered, use tongs to turn them over and repeat on the other side
  • Hold chile over your stove's gas flame with a long fork or tongs while roasting on all sides
  • Place chile under the broiler, watching carefully, until they blacken. Turn chile over and roast the other side

Freeze Hatch Chiles to Enjoy All Year Long

The biggest fans often buy them by the case and freeze them after roasting. Simply store the roasted peppers whole sliced or chopped in a freezer-ready storage bag (removing as much air as possible before sealing) or a shallow freezer-proof lidded container.

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