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Nature's Plus Ultra Maximum Strength GarLite®

1000 mg - 90 TabletsUPC: 0009746703964
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Nutritional Support for the Body''s Natural Defenses and Overall Well-Being

• Ultra GarLite is the highest quality maximum-strength garlic supplement available.

• Ultra GarLite contains over 700% more amino acids than the leading Japanese extract.

• Ultra GarLite is sustained release for maximum bioavailability.

• Ultra GarLite contains all of the potential allicin and other phytonutrients contained in fresh garlic.

• Ultra GarLite has no after-odor.

In a special base which provides for the gradual release of ingredients over a prolonged period of time.

Manufactured with Non-GMO aged garlic and guaranteed to leave no after-odor, either through the mouth or pores, after consumption. ULTRA GARLITE is manufactured with a unique, quick cool-drying process which guarantees the allicin and other phytonutrient content to be the same as that which is present in fresh garlic.