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Granny Vicars: A True Mountaineer

Without the benefit of modern medicine, Granny Vicars nurtures her little ones from birth to adulthood the all-natural way. When it comes to caring for your baby, who better to trust than someone who raised 13 of her own, using only what the Earth and land had to offer. Today, Granny''s years of experience and knowledge can be found in every product that bears her name. The Mountaineer Brand Baby Care Kit includes three, 2 oz balms that will help keep your baby rested and feeling well: Slumber Time Balm, Diaper Balm and Vapor Mud (Chest Rub). Thanks Granny!

Granny Vicars'' Slumber Time Balm

This relaxing balm contains the perfect combination of Lavender, Chamomile and Orange essential oils, making it ideal for a pre-sleep massage. This all natural formula is baby-friendly and safe to use on even your tiniest treasure. Use what nature has to offer so that you and your little one get a good night''s slumber.

Granny Vicars'' Diaper Balm

Granny Vicars'' Diaper Balm is made from non-nano Zinc Oxide that help your baby''s irritated skin heal faster. It also provides a natural barrier between your baby''s skin and diaper, keeping new irritations at bay. All-natural oils and butters will keep your baby''s bottom as soft ass... well, a baby''s bottom.

Granny Vicars'' Vapor Mud: Chest Rub

Granny Vicars'' Vapor Mud provides a safe, petroleum-free alternative to help relieve congestion and to provide cooling relief to help your baby breathe more easily. It can be applied as a chest rub or you can add a few drops to a humidifier. The ingredients work quickly to provide your little one with immediate relief.