Monin Premium Strawberry Fruit Puree, 1 Liter -- 4 per case. Perspective: front
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Monin Premium Strawberry Fruit Puree, 1 Liter -- 4 per case.

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With Natural Flavors - Fruit Made Easy Strawberries have been enjoyed for millennia, having grown wild in Italy since at least the second century B.C.. Among the Romans, the strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the goddess of love, because of its heart shape and red color. In medieval times, strawberry was considered a symbol of righteousness and perfection, as such, strawberry shapes were engraved inside cathedrals. Strawberries are very popular in desserts, ice cream, smoothies, lemonades and much more. With Monin Strawberry Fruit Puree, making perfect strawberry beverages has never been easier Like the other Monin Fruit Purees, Monin Strawberry Fruit Puree is made from the highest quality fruit picked at peak ripeness, concentrated immediately to preserve optimal fruit texture and flavor. Monin Fruit Purees are a convenient, shelf stable alternative to muddled fruit or frozen beverage mixes sweetened with pure cane sugar. Monin Strawberry Fruit Puree is the easy way to add delicious tropical mango flavor to your beverages, offering unmatched versatility from lemonades to margaritas, smoothies and much more.