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Herbs Etc. ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll

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Boost Your Energy Levels

Increased oxygenation is the body's key to producing more energy. ChlorOxygen® chlorophyll concentrate satisfies your body's hunger for oxygen in two ways. First, as red blood cells travel through your lungs, ChlorOxygen® activates these cells and turns them into irresistible magnets for oxygen. Delivered to your tissues, this abundant oxygen satisfies your hungry cells and your energy surges. Then, ChlorOxygen® builds better blood by providing your body with the building blocks necessary to produce and maintain healthy levels of red blood cells. Boost your energy levels naturally with ChlorOxygen®. It energizes without sugar, caffeine, or other stimulants.

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Chlorophyll Concentrate
  • Builds Better Blood
  • Satisfies your body's hunger for oxygen
  • Maximizes lung function
  • Supports healthy hematocrit levels during pregnancy
  • Helps altitude acclimation
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Equals up to 2-16 oz. bottles of the competition's chlorophyll
  • Alcohol Free • Gluten Free • Preservative Free