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Healthy Skoop Endurance Beets with Electrolytes

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Finally, a whole-food based pre-exercise boost without stimulants and other funky chemicals. Tap into the natural awesomeness of beets, get moving, and go #Beetmode! Do your thing. Run faster, swim harder, cycle farther. You got this!

  • Made with organic beets which contain natural nitrates that boost cardiovascular endurance through increased blood flow.
  • Naturally occurring nitrates will vary from tub to tub but can be as high as 100 mg per serving.
  • Mango encourages your body to convert L-Arginine to nitric oxide more efficiently.
  • Electrolytes hydrate for extended optimal performance.
  • Formulated by Ned Brown, Passionate Endurance Athlete and University of Colorado Graduate in Integrative Physiology
  • Spark a Change in Kids' Health! 
  • 30% of Skoop Sales Fund Fruit and Veggie Grants For Kids
  • Healthy Skoop & Chef Ann Foundation Initiative

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