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Foods Alive Organic Raw Carob Powder

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Raw carob powder is full-bodied, semi-sweet, with a fresh cooling smooth malt flavor. Add carob to all your favorite smoothies, hot beverages, protein drinks, desserts and more.

Carob Powder

Part of the legume family, carob cultivation dates back to historic times. The tree produces an edible seeded fruit pod that ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are said to have enjoyed for natural sweetness.

Our truly raw carob powder is grown organically on a small farm in Australia. Pods hang from the tree on branches and take just under a year to reach maturity. Mature pods are harvested  and allowed to naturally dry. They are then washed and processed into small chunks called kibble. The seeds inside the pod are separated out and the pods are milled into a fine powder.

Carob is used as a popular substitute for cacao since it only contains one-third of the calories, and it is virtually fat-free.