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Egg Beaters Original Real Egg Product is a nutritious option when you want the flavor of real shell eggs, but fewer calories. This Egg Beaters product is made from all natural egg whites but cuts out half the calories of shell eggs and has no cholesterol and no fat. It's also a good source of protein. Our convenient carton is equivalent to 14 large eggs so you'll have enough to make scrambled eggs for breakfast or for use in your favorite baking recipes.Eggs aren't bad for you, but when you want to cut back on certain things such as cholesterol, calories or fat, choose Egg Beaters. Our products are made from real egg whites, with vitamins and minerals normally found in an egg yolk added back in, without the extra calories, fat and cholesterol. Egg Beaters products are United Egg Producers Certified to be produced in compliance with animal husbandry guidelines.

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