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Dragon Herbs Schizandra eeTee®

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Schizandra fruit - Schizandra chinesis

Schizandra is called the "quintessence of Chinese Herbs" because it has so many health-promoting functions. It is a rare herb that can benefit all the bodily functions and all five primary organs. It beautifies the skin and helps suppoer a healthy liver. It is an excellent mid tonic by sharpening concentration, improving memory and increasing alertness. It is even a powerful sex tonic.

This product is produced by FITT™, Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology™. This proprietary extraction technology captures the original phyto-chemical profile of a botanical (the plant''s fingerprint) and transfers it safely and almost identically into the final extract, preserving the aroma, color and taste of the plant perfectly.

FITT™ is a raw extraction, with the entire process temperature controlled under 104° F.

Schizandra eeTee® is truly eeextraordinary® in many ways!

Easy - Schizandra eeTee® dissolves clear in seconds, even at room temperature. Just scoop, stir and serve.

Economical - Less raw material, less energy consumption, ecological water technology all contribute to a lower cost.

Effective - With FITT™, 95-98% of all the plant''s active ingredients are transferred to the eeTee® extract.

Ecological - FITT™ uses 33% less energy than traditional extraction methods and produces 1/10th the waste of home brewing.

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