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CHLORENERGY® is the world''s foremost 100% natural dietary chlorella supplement with chlorella vulgaris extract. (CVE) Many people still question "What is chlorella? "In a nutshell, chlorella is the ancestor of all the vegetables we eat every day today, and was found to be appeared on earth 2-3 billion years ago. This single-celled plant is so tiny, only to be seen by microscope. In 1964, the makers of CHLORENERGY®, Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd.(CIC), successfully pioneered the world''s first mass-production of dietary chlorella supplements from this unique plant. In order to purely culture/grow/harvest chlorella plants, environmental factors are essentially important. Chikugo of Kyushu, Japan is optimal for this reason as the region provides clean water and fresh air, which are indispensible for the best chlorella, CHLORENERGY®, Chlorella is grown insensitive and selective environments. Luckily, Chikugo region has them all. Moreover, CIC''s specialized culturing technique ensures CHLORENERGY® of the best chlorophyll quality from the sun in the region by setting and keeping a shallower depth of the open-air culture pools always maintained at only 10-15cm or 4-6 inches, thus the direct sunlight can easily penetrate into every chlorella cell in the pools. This why CHLORENERGY® is so powerful and is second to none. Nutritionwise, people feel ate ease as CHLORENERGY® shows its protein digestibility rate of 82% without going through the pulverization processes. This percentage was confirmed by both the National Institute of Health and Nutrition and Yamagata University.

CHLORENERGY® boasts the world''s most scientifically researched chlorella since 1964. CIC possesses outstanding numbers of chlorella research/studies known both internationally and domestically, and it continues to add up ongoing scientific studies every year.