The Kroger Company Coupon Policy

The Kroger Co. Family of Stores accepts paper and digital coupons. To receive the most comprehensive, personalized benefits from the digital coupon program, we encourage customers to sign up for a Shopper’s Card and create a digital account on our website or mobile app.

Kroger Co. Associates or partners are prohibited from setting up or otherwise maintaining a digital account not specifically linked to that Associate or the Associate’s household.

A valid Shopper’s Card or an Alternate ID is required to create a digital account.

Digital coupons and offers are deducted from a customer’s total purchase prior to paper coupons or any other discounts and cannot be added back or removed once the Card has been scanned.

Coupon Acceptance Criteria:

Limit one Store/Manufacturer coupon (paper or digital) per item purchased

  • Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon from the manufacturer
  • All coupons will be accepted at face value on the purchase of the correct description on the coupon:
    • Brand
    • Size
    • Quantity
    • Color
    • Flavor
  • Expired coupons will not be accepted
  • We do not accept coupons presented on an app or mobile device. We only accept digital coupons found on our App or our website.
  • We do not accept coupons that are copied, blurry, out of proportion, altered, or that will not scan at the point of sale
  • We limit coupons to three (3) redemptions of the same coupon per day, per household, unless otherwise noted on the coupon
  • If the order total is negative from coupon use the balance will be added to merchandise return card
  • Internet Coupons/Print at Home Coupons (PAH) — Additional restrictions:
    • “Free Item” Internet coupons can be accepted if all purchase criteria are met
    • Only one internet/PAH coupon per item will be accepted
    • Internet coupons may be limited to two (2) redemptions of the coupons per household, per day

Shopper Card holders who do not have a digital account may receive the discounted pricing offered in a digital coupon or offer by speaking to an associate at any customer service desk. Customers will be required to show their Shopper’s Card or provide their Alternate ID.

The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of ANY coupon or offer.

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