How Much to Make for Your Gameday Party

Meats and cheeses, hamburger buns and veggie toppings on a platter

You’ve sent out invites and are ready to plan for food. Maybe you’ve even already set the menu. But the question remains: How much of what?

Read on for tips to help you think through feeding your Gameday Crowd.

The chart below offers quantities for types of food per guest, but those numbers can skew depending on how you answer the following questions about your party crowd.

  •  Will you serve a main meal along with appetizers and munchies? If no, you’ll want to double the apps and snacks. The chart below lists amounts for a party in which mains are included.
  • Lots of little ones in your tally reduces the amount of food needed, even if just slightly. Round down. (Although, this won’t apply if those “little ones” are teenagers!)
  • How long will your party last? The longer folks are around, the more food (and drink) you’ll need.
Blue infographic explaining how much food and drinks a host will need to feed their gameday party guests