Fall Scavenger Hunt for the Kids

White table scattered with fall leaves, a candle, a mobile phone and twine with two hands grabbing it from each end

Host a scavenger hunt for the kids to gather supplies for decorating candles. Plain pillars will be transformed into celebrations of the season!

Autumn Hunt & Gather:

  • Acorns
  • Small twigs (how many letter shapes can you find?)
  • Maple leaves (3 different colors)
  • Oak leaves (2 different colors)
  • Walnuts
  • Dried flowers

Find your boots and scarves, get a grocery bag or little basket and our Autumn Hunt & Gather list—it’s time to head outside. We’re looking for nature’s fallen treasures to scoop up and bring inside. Can you tell the difference between oak and maple trees? How many different kinds of leaves can you identify? How many shades of one color can you find? Try to hunt for and gather at least one of everything on the list.

When everyone’s baskets are full of found goodies and you go back inside, maybe have a warm treat like fresh-baked pumpkin scones or some warm apple cider.

Next, admire the leaves, nuts and other items you’ve found. Select the prettiest, most vibrant fallen leaves to wrap around plain pillar candles. Gently use twine or ribbon and tie with a bow to secure the leaves. A trio of these candles could make a simple but lovely centerpiece.

What might you do with the other items you found on your scavenger hunt? Use your imagination to decorate spaces in your home as a welcome tribute to the changing seasons.