Create Your Own Party Photo Backdrop

Colorful hanging garlands, streamers and folded paper origami

If there’s one thing that you know for sure about your next party, it’s that people will take pictures – of the food, of each other, maybe even of you! So why not create an adorable area for your guests to make memories? Whether you're snapping a selfie or posing for a group shot, a photo backdrop adds a layer of sophistication and style that pretty much guarantees you'll be a hit on Instagram—at least for a day.


  • Photo backdrop paper
  • Scotch tape, double-sided sticky tape
  • Heavy-weight thread
  • Garland, paper fans, lanterns, streamers, etc.
  • Balloons
  • Hand-held balloon pump

How to Create Your Photo Area:

1. Set up

Photo backdrop paper is heavy, so you will need to either fold it over something (such as a curtain rod) or use both double-sided sticky tape and scotch tape to affix it to the wall. If you extend the paper onto the floor in front of the wall, make sure to secure it down to prevent anyone from tripping. Your guests will be walking on the paper as they snap their photos, so be prepared to make some quick repairs on the fly if necessary.

2. Hang your garland

Start with a fun, whimsical garland and add other festive decorative touches on and around it, such as paper lanterns, fabric, flowers, fans and streamers—anything to add color, style and depth to your photo backdrop!

3. Hang your balloons

Word balloons make a statement – literally! You can either use tape to attach them to the backdrop or use heavy weight thread to hang them from the ceiling. Get ready for some great memories!

Once you’ve set up your photo area, consider stocking up on fun props to encourage photos – hats, sunglasses and boas will bring out the “silly” side of your guests and make for great party pics!

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