Party Like It's 2020

Any celebration is possible thanks to technology (and your creativity)!

Online Parties

We’re all making do these days. If you’re worried about how to celebrate someone’s special day in these times of “winging it,” don’t fret. Use these tips and tricks as inspiration to plan something memorable, 2020-style.

Adult Birthday – How about a virtual surprise party? Set up a video meeting with the birthday boy or girl. Meanwhile, have guests sign in 10-15 minutes ahead of that time. When the honoree signs in…surprise! Sing “Happy Birthday” and share a toast.

Child’s Birthday – It’s tough for kids to give up having a “real” birthday party. But you can still make the day special. Decorate the house with streamers and balloons. Bake a cake or cupcakes and the child’s favorite meal. For a great activity, plan a birthday scavenger hunt. Hide balloons, signs, cards and gifts around the yard, and give the child clues on where to hunt for them. Or ask friends and family to do a birthday drive-by to honk and wave their greetings as your child watches. Find more great ideas for all ages by visiting our Birthday Shop!

Anniversary – Set a romantic, nostalgic tone with photos or videos of your wedding, reminisce about your courtship, have breakfast in bed, make a fancy dinner together, or snuggle up and watch a romantic movie. How about a toast to the happy couple?

Baby Shower – Go virtual. Invite everyone to “gather” online. As host, have fun decorations set up that everyone can see. Play a shower game or two: Collect guests’ baby pictures ahead of time and let them guess who’s who. Or have everyone submit a piece of advice on baby care. If gifts have been shipped to the mother-to-be, it’s fun for everyone to see her open them.

Gender Reveal – Everyone’s dying to know if it’s a girl or a boy! Your virtual reveal party can feature a cake that, when sliced, shows pink or blue filling or layers colored with food coloring. Or how about some friendly betting? Have everyone place their bet—boy or girl—and how much they wager. Winnings go to the parents-to-be.

Whatever occasion you want to mark—from Cinco de Mayo to a “We’re All In This Together” celebration—get your creative juices flowing and your internet cranked up. A little togetherness goes a long way right now…let your inner party planner shine, reach out to friends and family and help create lasting memories of togetherness.

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