DIY Halloween Cocktail Rims 

Two cocktail glasses with red liquid dripping down their sides sit on a dark blue cloth

Created by: Emily Caruso, Jelly Toast

Add spooky flair to your next Halloween cocktail party with DIY Halloween cocktail rims. With a few simple kitchen staples, you can transform your ordinary glasses into frightful drinkware that your guests will go crazy for.

It is difficult not to get swept away with the excitement of Halloween. From the shortening of the days to the cool nights, the beginning of the fall season is the perfect backdrop to all things spooky. With Halloween comes endless opportunities to flex your entertaining muscles – and not just for the kiddos. Halloween is for grown-ups, too!

When it comes to throwing an adult-friendly Halloween party, it’s attention to details that will make all the difference. From spooky lighting to thematic cocktails, the possibilities are endless. At your next cocktail party, try making these quick and easy DIY Halloween cocktail rims. Made from simple kitchen staples, these rims are easy to create and will add the perfect finishing touch to your cocktail menu.

  1. Sugar Rimmed Glasses: Mix 2 tablespoons Kroger Granulated Sugar with 8-10 drops of food coloring in a plastic lidded container. Shake until all the color is distributed into the sugar. Spread colored sugar onto a plate and set aside. Dip rim of cocktail glass into water or rub with a lime slice. Dip wet rim into the colored sugar; let dry.
  2. Drip Rimmed Glasses: Mix 2 tablespoons of Kroger Light Corn Syrup and 5-6 drops of food coloring on a rimmed plate. Stir with a toothpick to combine. Dip the rims of a cocktail glass into the corn syrup mixture. Turn glass right side up and allow rim to set.

When it’s party time, fill rimmed glasses with your favorite eerie colored cocktail (or perfect dry martinis) and serve. Have fun experimenting with a variety of colors and rim/cocktail combinations.