Creative Name Cards - Welcome Wreaths

Close crop of a name card sitting in a black holder with the name Tanya written in gold ink

When guests sit down at your table, let them know how glad you are that you’re sharing the holiday with them, with personalized mini wreaths at their place settings. Make the wreaths out of things you probably already have at home.

  • Cut out a donut shape on green cardstock or construction paper. Add other decorations to it: sparkles, pine cones, or feathers, for example.
  • String cranberries or beads on wire and bend into a loop. Affix a ribbon bow at the top.
  • Use spare evergreen or boxwood trimmings to make tiny wreaths. Use twine, wire or bread ties to secure the ends together and form a circle.

Stamp or write (calligraphy, anyone?) each guest’s name on a gift tag and attach the tags to the wreaths to personalize them.

A name card sits in a small picture frame holder with a tiny wreath at the top, beside this is an ornate dinner plate setting