3 Ways to Use Castile Soap in the Kitchen

A pair of hands drying dishes

By: Allison Kuhn

Castile soap is a wonderful, simple alternative to modern soaps. As an all-vegetable product, it is also a vegan-friendly! You may be surprised to learn about the ways this product can be used to keep your kitchen (the true center of the home) sparkling clean.

  1. Dishes…the downside of cooking at home! Never fear, a simple dishwashing solution will make the process a little simpler. To prepare, add one part castile soap to one part water. Bonus: this can double as liquid hand soap, so you only need one storage container.
  2. Ever heard of the 5-second rule? Well, even though we know that’s not exactly true, having squeaky clean floors helps to keep your kitchen’s food safety on par. Simply add 2-3 tablespoons castile soap into a bucket of water, then mop on!
  3. Clean hands are essential to safe food. Prefer foaming hand soap? No problem! Fill your foaming hand soap dispenser with one part castile soap to 4 parts water, and that’s it! Remember to wash your hands before and after food prep, and after coming into contact with any raw meat or seafood.