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If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you can schedule an appointment at The Little Clinic for a professional diagnosis and quality solutions:

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy/watery eyes
  • Scratchy/sore throat
  • Sneezing

The Little Clinic offers many services to identify and manage your allergies. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

    Management of allergies and asthma begins with the ability to identify and avoid allergy triggers. At The Little Clinic, a simple venous blood draw can be collected to identify patients’ specific allergies. Once allergies are identified, The Little Clinic’s providers can create a treatment plan for these allergies. The Little Clinic can test for respiratory or food allergens using a single blood draw.

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    Once you’ve received 2 initial shots administered by your allergist, you’re welcome to visit any of our clinic locations for subsequent injections. Please bring the following items to your visit:

    • Written approval from your allergist
    • Allergy serum vial
    • Dosing instructions and injection log

    The Little Clinic’s providers will not prescribe allergy injections, but they can recommend interventions to avoid triggers. Allergy shots, though administered by The Little Clinic’s providers, are prescribed by an allergy specialist.

    Note: After your allergy shot is administered at The Little Clinic, we’ll observe you for 30 minutes.

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    The Little Clinic operates as a primary care clinic and can provide services for your chronic allergy needs.

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Services and availability vary by location. Pharmacy, Clinic, and Telenutrition services are available in select areas. Access our pharmacy locator to find a pharmacy near you. The Little Clinic practices in the following states only: AZ, KY, OH, TN, CO, IN, GA, KS, VA. Access our clinic locator to find a clinic near you. Telenutrition services where medical nutrition therapy is provided are not available in AK, MT, NJ, NY, SC, WY, or where otherwise prohibited by applicable law. Walk-ins welcome as time allows.