How to Keep Fruits & Vegetables Fresh

Multiple peaches on wooden table with green leaves

Created by: The Seventh Generation Blog

All picked produce gives off a harmless, tasteless, odorless gas called ethylene—some in greater quantities than others.

Ethylene is what helps produce ripen, but since some fruits and vegetables produce ethylene in greater quantities, it's important to know how to store your fruits and veggies to keep them from ripening each other too quickly.

If you do want to speed up the ripening process, apples and bananas can help! Place unripe peaches, avocados, or plums in a closed paper bag with an apple or banana to quickly ripen them. Keep already-ripe produce away from apples and bananas.

Many fruits and veggies are cold-sensitive, meaning that the fridge can make them lose flavor and moisture if you store them there before they're ripe. Never refrigerate potatoes, onions, winter squash, or garlic. Keep them in separate containers or apart from one another in a cool, dark, dry cabinet to keep them for a month or more.

Keep all fruit and vegetables whole while you store them, since even something as simple as de-stemming apples can lead to mold build-up that can spoil the whole bunch!