Cheap good food

Eating Right Made Affordable.

Created by: Leanne Brown, Cookbook Author

Plan Ahead

Brown advises picking a theme for the week – think chicken or chickpeas – then building meals around it. “Buy foods that give you options,” she says. “Canned tomatoes, for instance, can be added to anything. You can make salsa or sauce. If you buy a can of pasta sauce, then that’s all you’ve got. It’s the same for spinach instead of lettuce or flour instead of pancake mix.”

Stock Up on Go-To Items

In addition to keeping an assortment of vegetables and fruits on hand, Brown recommends always buying eggs and also dried beans and peas. “Those are very, very cheap,” she says. “And soaking them doesn’t take much more time to prepare when you need them. Serious bean people always say you have to get the dried ones anyway.” And that suggests they’re both inexpensive and gourmet.

Get Cooking

Preparing food at home instead of eating out multiple times a week may be the best way to keep costs – and calories – down. Plus, says Brown, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from preparing a wonderful meal.

“Cooking makes life better. Food makes life better. Every chance to eat is a chance to bring a little joy into your life, and I don’t think that should be wasted.”

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