6 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Prep Easier

Turkey roasting in pan

Thanksgiving revolves around food (see Tip #1) and these simple suggestions will help you pull together your holiday feast faster and easier than ever. Increase your storage space and speed up the chores with these handy tips!

  1. Put a turntable on a refrigerator shelf: No more small stuff hiding in the back. Quickly find that jar of pickles or the cranberry sauce you made yesterday.
  2. Divide and conquer the market: Instead of one mammoth shopping trip, go a few days early for all non-perishable items. Then make a quick run the day before Thanksgiving for the fresh produce.
  3. Move your refrigerator racks: When you’re used to looking at refrigerator racks the same way, it’s easy to forget they’re usually adjustable. And if a turntable is on a shelf, you don’t need to reach into the back anymore, so you can lower the shelf above it.
  4. Clip more than coupons: The simple genius of binder clips comes to the rescue when space is tight in fridge or freezer. Clip zip-top bags of vegetables, shredded cheese, sauces or soups to a wire rack and let them hang in the empty space above items on the rack below.
  5. Don’t peel your potatoes before boiling: Just cut through the skin around the middle of each potato, boil until tender and plunge the potatoes in ice water. The rapid change in temperature will make the skins slip off easily in your hands. Re-warm the potatoes and continue with your recipe.
  6. Hog the bathtub: Who needs a large cooler if you are staying home? Fill the bathtub with ice and chill down anything you want to keep frosty. You’ve got lots of room!