We know that throwing a holiday get-together can get costly, and fast, but with a little planning, you can have a joyful Easter without straining your budget. Explore easy-on-the-wallet tips, then discover delicious yet affordable Easter dinner ideas, dessert recipes and how to get the most from your leftovers. Plus, snag an exclusive coupon for your ham centerpiece.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Easter

Planning an Easter celebration on a budget can be a creative and fulfilling experience. Here are some extra tips and tricks to ensure your gathering is both memorable and affordable.

  • Shop Seasonal Sales: Plan a cost-effective menu by picking up seasonal produce and common holiday staples while they’re on sale. Remember to clip the ham coupon on this page and check our digital coupons weekly for more useful discounts.
  • Use Frozen or Canned Food: For items that aren aren’t in season, opt for canned or frozen varieties. These options are often preserved when the produce reaches its peak of freshness, making them a delicious and convenient choice.
  • Host a Holiday Potluck: Host a potluck-style Easter dinner and invite each guest to bring a dish. This can help save money on meal prep and offers a chance for everyone to get involved in the festivities.
  • Give New Life to Leftovers: Enjoy leftovers like never before by using them in a fresh, new way. Try using those leftover eggs to whip up a delicious egg salad sandwich, turn last night night’s mashed potatoes into must-have loaded mashed potato waffles and explore many great ideas for using your leftover ham further down this page.
  • DIY Your Decorations: Create a festive atmosphere by making your own decorations using inexpensive materials like craft paper, cardboard and ribbons.

Choosing Easter Sides

Start planning your Easter feast by picking out sides that are both delicious and easy on the wallet. Keep things simple by opting for classic side dishes that require minimal ingredients yet deliver maximum flavor, like mashed potatoes, buttery green beans or mac and cheese. These fan-favorites are easy to whip up in generous portions, making them perfect for feeding a crowd. Find the recipes for these and more, right here.

Prepping Easter Dinner

Discovering a budget-friendly yet delicious main dish is simple when you let an Easter ham take the spotlight. More affordable than traditional options like lamb or salmon, a boneless or bone-in-ham is a time-tested classic and an excellent centerpiece for your celebration.

For an even more budget-conscious alternative, consider a main course made with chicken, meatballs or pork tenderloin. Casseroles are another cost-effective way to serve a hearty meal without compromising on flavor. Explore recipes for these Easter dinner ideas and more to find the perfect dish for your feast.

Love Your Leftovers

If you made ham for the holiday, chances are you have leftovers. Make the most of last night’s dinner by using the extra ham in your refrigerator to elevate dishes such as pot pies, ham and cheese sliders, ham bone soup and other delicious and creative meals. Explore these recipes and more to find unique ways to give new life to the leftover ham, transforming it into something new and exciting for everyone.

Dreamy Easter Desserts

Ensure a sweet ending to the celebration with a dessert that does it all. By using pantry staples and straightforward recipes, you can whip up delectable treats without the need for expensive or complicated ingredients. Consider a carrot sheet cake, cheesecake stuffed strawberries or one of the many other cost-effective recipes we we’re highlighting this holiday.

Keep Exploring

As you craft a memorable and budget-friendly Easter celebration, make sure to check out our other money-saving resources, such as our page on budget-friendly meals or our tips for saving money on groceries. You can also head back to The Fresh Lane for more recipe ideas, expert advice and everyday inspiration. Happy Easter and happy savings!