Fast and Filling

Publish Date December 6, 2023

1. Frozen Veggie Noodles

With varieties like zucchini and butternut squash, veggie noodles allow you to enjoy favorite sauces and toppings without gluten or excess carbs and sugars. Plus, many types contain 50 calories or fewer per serving.

2. Frozen Quinoa or Brown Rice

Save the hassle of boiling a pot of water and cooking grains on the stovetop by opting for frozen quinoa or brown rice. Simply pop the bag into the microwave, and it’s ready a few minutes later.

3. Greek Yogurt

Some varieties of Greek yogurt contain almost 20 grams of protein per serving. Use it in place of mayonnaise to whip up a creamy chicken or tuna salad. Or create a yogurt sauce to lighten up hearty lasagna.

4. Chickpeas

The humble chickpea is a chameleon in the kitchen. Naturally gluten-free chickpeas contain fiber and protein as well as manganese, iron and vitamin K. Roast and enjoy as a crunchy snack or use in a stovetop chili as a satisfying meat replacement.

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