Pineapple Fun Facts and Recipe Roundup

Pineapple Fun Facts and Recipe Roundup

Publish Date March 29, 2024
Author MyMagazine Staff

Ready to test your pineapple knowledge? Read the statements below and then decide if each is true or false. Click the arrow to uncover the answer and discover just how much you know about this prickly fruit.

    FALSE: The pineapple plant is in the bromeliad family and only grows up to five feet tall. Its leaves are long and spiky.

    TRUE: Thanks to an enzyme called bromelain, pineapples help break down collagen and serve as a natural meat tenderizer.

    FALSE: This title now belongs to the Philippines, where more than 2.7 million tons of pineapples are produced annually.

    TRUE: Do you ever wonder why pineapples are such a popular image in home decor? Pineapples were once considered both rare and luxurious, and if a host was fortunate enough to secure one, serving it was a wonderful display of generosity.

    TRUE: Pineapples require patience all right — it can take a plant 18–36 months to produce a single fruit.