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Easy Pear Recipes

Publish Date August 16, 2023 4 Minute Read

Easy Pear Recipes for Fall

Once the weather turns crisp, most of us want dishes that are warm and comforting. So we start looking to nostalgic desserts like apple or pumpkin pies. But often, we’re overlooking a fall fruit with just as much sweetness. Pear recipes can be as comforting and versatile as their more well-known counterparts, and they pair perfectly with all the fall flavors we love.

How Do I Choose the Right Pear?

There are many different pear varieties, but the 3 most common are Bartlett, Anjou and Bosc pears.

Bartlett pears are one of the most popular and widely available varieties. They’re bell-shaped and should be yellow when ripe. Bartlett’s have a sweet, juicy and aromatic flavor that makes them perfect for pairing or enjoying alone. They also work well in salads, desserts and canning.

Anjou pears are more egg-shaped and have a smooth green skin when ripe. Since their skin doesn’t change color during the ripening process, you can gently press the skin near the stem of the pear to check for ripeness. If the skin has some give to it, the pear is ripe. Anjou pears have a dense, juicy flesh and a mellow, sweet flavor. They’re versatile and great for eating fresh, slicing into salads, or in cooking and baking.

Bosc pears are characterized by their tapered neck and brown skin. They have a dense, crunchy texture and a sweet, slightly spiced flavor. Press the skin near the stem to check for ripeness. Bosc pears hold their shape well when cooked, making them ideal for baking, poaching and grilling.

Cooking Methods

Now that you've chosen the right pear for the job, it's time to cook it.

  • Baking pears: There’s no need to remove the skin before baking a pear since it softens in the oven. Most recipes will recommend baking for around 20-30 minutes.
  • Poaching pears: This is a great way to infuse the fruit with added flavor. For poaching, you do want to remove the skin since it could turn bitter during the process. Most recipes will recommend cutting the pear in half and removing the seeds.
  • Grilling pears: Before the weather turns too cold, grilling pears is another great option. You can leave the skin on or remove it. Cut the pears in half, remove seeds and place the pears on the grill cut-side down.
  • Jams: To prep your pears for jams, peel, core and dice them. Then, toss the pears in lemon juice and sugar before refrigerating overnight.

Recipes Pear-fect for Fall

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