Pile of Fresh Corn on the Cob

Fresh Corn: Summer’s Star

Publish Date May 2, 2024 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

In-season and totally delicious, corn is the ultimate summertime food. But there’s more to this a-maize-ing crop than its ability to create scrumptious sides. Here are five fun facts about this beloved and versatile plant that’s been around for thousands of years.

  • Corn, or maize, was first domesticated in what is now southern Mexico over 10,000 years ago.
  • An average ear of corn has around 800 kernels, but this can vary anywhere from 500 to 1,200. No matter how many kernels it has, each ear of corn always has an even number of rows.
  • Corn is one of the most widely grown crops in the world. The only continent corn is not found on is Antarctica.
  • Corn is pollinated by wind.
  • Corn is rich in insoluble fiber, which supports gut health by nourishing beneficial bacteria and promoting digestion. It also offers an array of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese.
Elote Mexican-Style Street Corn

Elote Mexican-Style Street Corn

There’s no better way to kick off summer than with this fresh and zesty recipe. Make these even easier to grab and go by halving the corn cobs.

Colorful Corn Salad

Colorful Corn Salad

This colorful salad is bursting with fresh summertime ingredients and flavor. If you’d rather use frozen corn kernels, simply char them in a dry, hot skillet first.

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