Last-minute Halloween Costumes

Last-minute Halloween Costumes

Publish Date August 31, 2023 3 Minute Read

Often, the most creative Halloween costumes aren’t the store-bought ones where everything comes in a single package. DIY Halloween costumes are the best of all worlds: unique, creative and affordable (often costing you nothing because you can find everything you need around your home).

So, how to decide what to dress up as when the 31st is quickly creeping up? The next meme-orable costume idea could be waiting in your kitchen or garage. Here’s a list of last-minute Halloween costumes for all you procrastinating poltergeists out there.

1. Cowboy or Cowgirl

  • What you’ll need: cowboy boots, leather belt, large belt buckle, flannel shirt, handkerchief, cowboy hat and toothpick.

2. Mummy

  • What you’ll need: white sheet and scissors.
  • Directions: Rip the sheet into 3” wide strips (start by cutting each strip with scissors). Have someone assist with wrapping the strips around you. Tie one strip to the other until you’ve been mummified. Note: Wearing white is also a good idea.

3. Ghost

  • What you’ll need: white sheet, panty hose or other sheer or see-through material, sewing needle and thread, marker and scissors.
  • Directions: Draw two eyes on the sheet, then cut them out. Cut out two pieces of panty hose that are just larger than the holes. Sew panty hose pieces to the perimeter of the eye holes so you can see through them.

4. Athlete

  • What you’ll need: jersey, headband and ball.

5. Chef

  • What you’ll need: apron, chef’s hat and kitchen tools.

6. Game Show Contestant

  • What you’ll need: construction paper and marker to create a name tag or sign.

7. Favorite Movie/Show/Book Character

  • What you’ll need: appropriate clothing and accessories.
DIY Halloween Costumes

8. Lawyer

  • What you’ll need: button-up shirt, tie and briefcase.

9. Favorite Animal

  • What you’ll need: animal print clothing, marker to draw nose, whiskers, etc.

10. 80s/90s Rockstar

  • What you’ll need: hair spray, shirt with sleeves cut off, ripped jeans, and instrument or flashlight to use as a microphone.

11. Robot

  • What you’ll need: cardboard boxes, old remote control, old cell phone, markers, flashlights, scissors, goggles, helmet and aluminum foil.
  • Directions: Color the boxes and cut arm holes out. Glue remote, phone, flashlights and other odds and ends to boxes. Draw on buttons. Cover helmet with aluminum foil. Put box over body. Put helmet on head. Wrap arms, legs and shoes with aluminum foil.

12. Bunch of Grapes

  • What you’ll need: purple or green shirt, purple or green balloons, tape (or glue) and aluminum foil.
  • Directions: Tape or glue the balloons to your shirt.

13. Ketchup & Mustard

  • What you’ll need: red and yellow shirts, and red and yellow construction paper or cardstock.
  • Directions: To make the “caps,” roll the construction paper or cardstock into a cone that can fit on top of your head, then glue it shut.

14. Farmer

  • What you’ll need: wide-brimmed hat, flannel shirt, jeans, shovel or hoe, overalls, a piece of straw and a piece of produce to carry.

15. Spaghetti & Meatballs

  • What you’ll need: t-shirt, cream-colored yarn, brown balloons or dryer balls colored brown, glue and gray construction paper.
  • Directions: For the spaghetti, cut yarn into 1’ pieces and glue them onto the shirt, layering the yarn. Glue the balloons or dryer balls on the yarn for your meatballs. Cut a large fork out of your construction paper and glue it to the spaghetti.

Now that you have your last-minute Halloween costume locked down, be sure to get easy food options and of course candy for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, at our Halloween Shop. Plus, we have lots of ideas to keep the season spooky with decorations, games and frightfully fun themed family nights.

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