DIY Graduation Money Balloons

Black balloons above a small bucket with money that's shaped into accordion stars

Created by: Greggy Soriano, Greggy’s Digest

What’s more festive than balloons on graduation day? Balloons with money attached to them! Here’s a crafty and simple idea – gift your grads these Graduation Money Balloons. This is definitely a great way to congratulate them for all the hard work they’ve done!


  • Black balloons (or balloons in the school colors)
  • Paper straws
  • Water bottles with caps
  • Razor knife
  • Scissors
  • Dollar bills
  • Masking tape (preferably off-white or green)
  • String
  • Small bucket or basket
  • Piece of foam to fit the bottom of the bucket or basket


  1. With a razor knife, puncture the water bottle about 1½” away from the spout end.
  2. Insert a pair of scissor into the slit you just made. Cut all the way around, leaving you with just the top piece, including the cap.
  3. Remove the cap. With the razor knife, carefully make a small slit in a cross formation in the center of the bottle cap.
  4. Create a small opening with the razor blade on the far side of the bottle cap.
  5. Blow up a balloon and knot the end. Remove the bottle cap and insert the knot end of the balloon into the water bottle piece with it coming out on the spout side.
  6. Loop the knot end of the balloon through the hole in the bottle cap. Twist the cap onto the water bottle piece.
  7. Insert the paper straw into the cross slit. Cut the bottom of the straw on a sharp bias, so that it is easy to poke the foam.
  8. Arrange your balloons in the foam-lined bucket. Think of it as a flower arrangement: taller in the back, shorter and smaller in the front.
  9. Fold paper money into accordion shapes.
  10. Bring ends together and fold in both directions. Create a circular fan by attaching the ends with masking tape.
  11. Loop string through the centers of the circular money fans, with the tape side facing the back.
  12. Tie the fans to paper straws, around the base of the balloons.
  13. Fill the base with more money or tissue paper.
  14. There you have it! A great balloon gift idea for the grad!


These circular money fans can be securely attached to the base of helium balloons as well!